Fans spot ‘1000 IQ’ Ben White tactic immediately before Arsenal’s first and third goals vs Tottenham

In a riveting North London derby that saw Arsenal triumph over Tottenham Hotspur with a convincing 3-0 victory, fans were quick to notice a tactical masterstroke by defender Ben White that seemingly played a pivotal role in two of the Gunners’ goals.

The match, which took place at the iconic Emirates Stadium, not only showcased Arsenal’s dominance but also highlighted the strategic prowess of their players, particularly White, whose clever maneuvers left supporters and pundits alike in awe.

The first goal of the match came in the 13th minute when Arsenal forward Bukayo Saka found the back of the net with a clinical finish.

However, it was the build-up to the goal that caught the attention of eagle-eyed fans.

Replays revealed a subtle yet significant move by Ben White moments before Saka’s strike.

As Tottenham attempted to press high up the pitch, White, who had dropped deep to receive the ball from goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale, cleverly attracted the attention of Spurs’ midfielders and defenders.

With a quick feint, he drew two opposition players towards him before expertly playing a precise through ball into the path of Saka, who capitalized on the space created and slotted the ball home.

The tactical acumen displayed by White in that moment did not go unnoticed by Arsenal supporters, who took to social media to hail the defender’s ‘1000 IQ’ move.

Many praised White for his intelligence and composure under pressure, noting that his awareness and ability to manipulate the opposition’s positioning were instrumental in breaking Tottenham’s defensive lines.

As the match progressed, Arsenal continued to dominate proceedings, with White’s defensive solidity at the heart of their resolute performance.

However, it was his involvement in Arsenal’s third goal that truly solidified his status as the standout performer of the day.

In the 60th minute, Arsenal doubled their lead through a goal from Martin Odegaard, but once again, it was the build-up play that captured the imagination of fans.

This time, it was White’s anticipation and vision that proved crucial.

As Tottenham sought to launch a counterattack following a corner kick, White, ever vigilant, intercepted a wayward pass just outside Arsenal’s penalty area.

With a quick glance up, he spotted the run of Odegaard and played an inch-perfect long ball over the top of Tottenham’s defense, bypassing their entire midfield and catching the opposition off guard.

Odegaard latched onto the pass and coolly finished past the onrushing goalkeeper, effectively putting the game beyond Tottenham’s reach.

The Emirates Stadium erupted in jubilation as Arsenal fans celebrated their team’s commanding lead, but amidst the cheers, many took a moment to acknowledge the brilliance of Ben White’s contribution.

His ability to read the game, anticipate danger, and execute precise passes under pressure was commendable and played a significant role in Arsenal’s victory.

Following the match, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta was quick to praise White’s performance, describing him as a “tactical maestro” whose intelligence and awareness had been key to the team’s success.

Arteta emphasized the importance of having players like White who could not only excel defensively but also contribute to the team’s attacking play with their vision and passing ability.

As Arsenal savored their impressive win over their North London rivals, the spotlight remained firmly on Ben White, whose ‘1000 IQ’ tactics had left an indelible mark on the match.

For Arsenal fans, White’s performance was not just a display of skill and ability but a testament to the importance of intelligence and tactical awareness in modern football.

And as the Gunners look ahead to the remainder of the season, they can take confidence in knowing that they have a player of White’s caliber marshaling their defense and orchestrating their attacks with such precision and flair.

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