1: Aaron Rodgers praises Jets' Malachi Corley draft pick, showing respect for the team's decision.

2: Rodgers admires Corley's talent and predicts a bright future for the young player in New York.

3: Jets fans excited as Rodgers shares positive thoughts on Corley joining their team.

4: Rodgers' endorsement of Corley boosts morale within the Jets organization.

5: Corley's draft selection earns high praise from Rodgers, highlighting his potential impact.

6: Rodgers' genuine support for Corley signals a promising start for the rookie in New York.

7: Corley's draft choice resonates with Rodgers, who sees a great fit for the talented wide receiver.

8: Jets' Malachi Corley earns Rodgers' approval, setting the stage for a successful collaboration.

9: Rodgers' candid thoughts on Corley affirm the Jets' decision, creating buzz around the rookie's debut.