1: Introducing Mac Studio and Mac Pro – two powerful machines for creators and professionals.

2: Mac Studio boasts M1 Ultra chip while Mac Pro offers Intel Xeon processor – which one is better?

3: Design showdown: Mac Studio's sleek form factor vs. Mac Pro's modular tower design.

4: Performance test: Mac Studio outperforms Mac Pro in speed and efficiency.

5: Storage options: Mac Studio offers up to 8TB SSD vs. Mac Pro's expandable storage capacity.

6: Graphics comparison – Mac Studio's M1 Ultra GPU vs. Mac Pro's AMD Radeon Pro graphics.

7: Connectivity battle: Mac Studio's Thunderbolt 4 ports vs. Mac Pro's multiple expansion slots.

8: Price comparison – Mac Studio is more affordable than the high-end Mac Pro.

9: The verdict is in – Mac Studio emerges as the ultimate choice for creators and professionals.