1: Diana Rigg's Youth 1. Diana Rigg, born in 1938, started acting in her teens. 2. She trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. 3. Rigg appeared in her first TV role in The Sentimental Agent.

2: Early Life and Education 4. Diana Rigg grew up in Yorkshire, England. 5. She attended Fulneck Girls School and later joined RADA. 6. Rigg's early years laid the foundation for her successful acting career.

3: Career Beginnings 7. In the 1960s, Rigg starred in The Avengers as Emma Peel. 8. Her role as a stylish and intelligent spy propelled her to fame. 9. Rigg's career took off, earning her critical acclaim and numerous awards.

4: Iconic Roles 10. Diana Rigg portrayed the cunning Lady Olenna Tyrell in Game of Thrones. 11. Her portrayal of the Queen of Thorns won her legions of fans. 12. Rigg's versatile acting skills have made her a household name.

5: Personal Life 13. Rigg was married twice and had one daughter. 14. She was known for her wit, intelligence, and humor. 15. Rigg's personal life was as intriguing as her on-screen roles.

6: Social Impact 16. Diana Rigg was a trailblazer for strong female characters in TV. 17. Her portrayal of empowered women broke stereotypes and inspired many. 18. Rigg's influence on gender representations in media is undeniable.

7: Legacy 19. Diana Rigg's legacy lives on as an iconic actress. 20. Her impact on the entertainment industry is everlasting. 21. Rigg's talent and charisma continue to inspire generations.

8: Philanthropy 22. Rigg supported various charitable causes throughout her life. 23. Her philanthropic work focused on education, health, and the arts. 24. Rigg's commitment to giving back made a lasting impact on society.

9: Remembering Diana Rigg 25. Diana Rigg's contributions to film and television are celebrated globally. 26. Her remarkable career has left an indelible mark on the industry. 27. Rigg's enduring influence will be remembered for years to come.