1: Paul Skenes congratulates Olivia Dunne on her gymnastics victory with heartfelt support.

2: Olivia Dunne's success in gymnastics receives cheers and encouragement from Paul Skenes.

3: Skenes extends support to Dunne following her triumphant performance in gymnastics.

4: Dunne shines in the gymnastics arena, earning applause and backing from Paul Skenes.

5: Skenes celebrates Dunne's gymnastics win with genuine enthusiasm and admiration.

6: Dunne's gymnastics victory is met with unwavering support and cheers from Skenes.

7: Skenes expresses immense pride and support for Dunne's achievements in gymnastics.

8: Dunne's success in gymnastics draws admiration and applause from Paul Skenes.

9: Paul Skenes stands by Olivia Dunne, offering heartfelt encouragement and cheers for her gymnastics triumph.