1: Empire's devoted fans are heartbroken over the cancellation of Taraji P Henson's Cookie spinoff.

2: Cookie Lyon held a special place in viewers' hearts, making the news even more crushing.

3: Taraji P Henson's dynamic portrayal of Cookie brought humor and heart to Empire.

4: Empire fans had high hopes for Cookie's spinoff, but those dreams have been shattered.

5: Cookie Lyon's absence onscreen leaves a void in the hearts of Empire's loyal followers.

6: Taraji P Henson's inspired performance as Cookie won the admiration of fans worldwide.

7: Empire enthusiasts are mourning the end of an era with Cookie's spinoff being axed.

8: The end of Cookie Lyon's story marks a bittersweet moment for Empire fans.

9: Despite the disappointment, Empire followers will forever cherish Cookie's impact on the show.