1: "Ezekiel Elliott's Explosive Return" After facing doubts, Zeke proves he's still a force to be reckoned with.

2: "Cowboys RB Crisis: Elliott to the Rescue" In the face of a shortage, Elliott steps up to lead the team.

3: "Dynamic Duo: Elliott and Pollard Shine" The pairing of Elliott and Pollard keep the Cowboys in the game.

4: "Zeke's Redemption: From doubt to dominance" Elliott's comeback solidifies his place as a key player for the team.

5: "Unleashing Zeke: The Return of the Beast" Elliott's performance puts an end to any concerns about his abilities.

6: "Elliott's Impact: Turning the Tide for the Cowboys" His presence on the field proves essential in securing victories for the team.

7: "Cowboys Resurgence: The Zeke Factor" Elliott's return sparks a resurgence for the Cowboys.

8: "Zeke's Reign: Dominance Restored" Elliott's comeback cements his status as a top running back in the league.

9: "Future Bright: Elliott's Continued Success" With Elliott leading the charge, the Cowboys look towards a promising future.