1: Tom Holland thrilled fans by officially announcing his return for Spider-Man 4.

2: After months of speculation, Holland confirms his enduring role as everyone's favorite web-slinger.

3: The actor's statement finally puts to rest rumors about his future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

4: Fans can't contain their excitement as Holland gears up to reprise his iconic superhero role.

5: Holland's return marks a new chapter in the Spider-Man saga, with more adventures to come.

6: Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures team up again for Spider-Man 4, starring Tom Holland.

7: The actor's dedication to the role solidifies his status as a fan-favorite superhero.

8: Holland's confirmation sends shockwaves through the entertainment industry, setting the stage for epic new Spider-Man stories.

9: Get ready for more web-slinging action and superhero thrills as Tom Holland returns for Spider-Man 4!