1: Empire Universe in Chaos The ultimate power struggle unfolds in Empire Universe, where alliances are tested and betrayals run deep.

2: Taraji P. Henson's Spinoff Plans Taraji P. Henson's spinoff dreams are put on hold as chaos reigns in the empire's universe.

3: Derailed Destiny Destiny takes a sharp turn as Taraji's plans for a spinoff are derailed by unforeseen events.

4: Betrayal at the Throne Betrayal lurks in the shadows as power-hungry individuals plot against each other in the empire.

5: Loyalty Tested Loyalty is put to the test as alliances are formed and broken in the midst of chaos.

6: Power Struggle Intensifies The power struggle intensifies as Taraji fights to reclaim control in the empire's universe.

7: Unforeseen Alliances Unlikely allies emerge as the chaos deepens, shaking the foundation of the empire.

8: Redemption Amidst Chaos Amidst the chaos, redemption beckons for those willing to fight for their rightful place in the empire.

9: Rise from the Ashes As the empire crumbles, new beginnings emerge for those who are brave enough to rise from the ashes.