1: "Julio Urias Arrest Shakes Dodgers" - Shocked fans as star pitcher faces legal troubles

2: "Team Reputation in Jeopardy" - Scandal rocks Dodgers, clouding season prospects

3: "Urias Arrest Threatens Season" - Dodgers' star player's legal woes cast shadow on team

4: "Fan Outrage Grows" - Dodger faithful express dismay over Urias situation

5: "Management Faces Criticism" - Team officials under fire for handling of Urias arrest

6: "Community Support Wavers" - Urias scandal divides Dodgers fan base

7: "Sponsorship Deals at Risk" - Dodgers face repercussions as brands reconsider partnerships

8: "Rebuilding Trust" - Team works to repair damage from Urias controversy

9: "Rallying for Redemption" - Dodgers aim to overcome adversity and reclaim season success.