1: "Controversy Alert: Draymond Green stirs the pot with comments on Brook Lopez's play in Game 3. What did he say?"

2: "Green questions Lopez's impact on the court, igniting debate among fans and analysts. Is there tension brewing between the two?"

3: "Lopez fires back, defending his performance and shutting down Green's criticism. Is this the beginning of a rivalry?"

4: "The media weighs in on the feud, dissecting every word and gesture. Who will come out on top in this war of words?"

5: "Fans take to social media to voice their opinions, choosing sides and fueling the fire. Will this controversy overshadow the game itself?"

6: "As tensions rise, teammates and coaches are forced to address the situation, trying to keep the focus on the game. Can they maintain unity?"

7: "Green and Lopez meet face to face on the court, exchanging words and stares that speak volumes. Will this rivalry spill over into the next game?"

8: "The NBA world waits with bated breath to see how this drama unfolds. Will Green's shocking comments have lasting repercussions?"

9: "Stay tuned for updates on the Green-Lopez controversy as the series heats up. Who will have the last word in this heated exchange?"